ingenit wishes you Happy Easter

This week the Easter holidays begin with Good Friday: it commemorates the death of Jesus and his resurrection. The Easter traditions vary from region to region. In Germany it is probably best known that eggs are colored and painted in many ways. The children are looking forward to sweets and small gifts from the Easter bunny and Lent ends on Easter Sunday. Unusual seems the custom in the Philippines to grasp small children during the ringing of the bells at the head and to lift up for a better growth. Or the secret nocturnal walk of Swedish women to a spring to fetch Easter water. If they manage not to be seen and to wet their beloved with this water, they can be sure of his love.

We also use the days before and after the holidays very differently: some colleagues go on well-deserved holidays with their families. Others complete successful projects and get ready for new challenges. Above all, however, we are delighted about the successful start into this year and would like to express our sincere thanks to our long-standing business partners and new customers.

We are reachable this week up to and including Maundy Thursday. Good Friday to Easter Monday we use for the Easter egg search and recovery, so that we are strengthened starting from Tuesday again for our faithful customers and new contacts.

We wish our customers, business partners and all employees a beautiful, colourful and sunny Easter. Enjoy quiet holidays with your loved ones.


Catrin Unrath
Senior Marketing Manager

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